May 17-19, 2019 | Lebanon, Pennsylvania

FDSA Training Camp 2019

Join your favorite FDSA trainers hosting three action packed days of Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Freestyle, Rally-FrEe lectures, labs, and more… all taught Fenzi Style!

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About FDSA Training Camp

Held once a year, FDSA Training Camp is an opportunity for dog enthusiasts to learn, train, and socialize with others who share their passion. Students will see old friends, make new ones, and learn and train using FDSA methodology, all within an environment that emphasizes respect for both dogs and their handlers.

Our presenters are all recognized for excellence within their fields. And our lectures and labs include something for everyone — from the hard core dog sports enthusiast to the professional pet dog trainer and with everything in between! 

FDSA students may purchase a working pass  for hands on help, live! Non-FDSA students are welcome to attend as auditors. Please note that space is limited, so don’t wait. We hope you’ll consider joining us – we’d love to meet you!

74 Instructor Sessions

This year camp has over 74 sessions for you to choose from! Working spots can choose 2 sessions a day to “work” with their dogs (chosen during registration).

Auditors and Working spots who aren’t working that session can choose to sit in on any active session.

New and Popular Topics

Each year we bring back some of the favorites from previous years and then introduce new topics (and new presenters) to ensure there’s something for everyone!

Topics covered include Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Freestyle, Rally-FrEe and more!

Lectures, Labs, and More!

Over the course of 3 days, you’ll have the opportunity to join us for lectures, labs, and more.

Lectures are people-only, on topics from behavior modification to marketing; labs include our popular human-shaping lab and traditional seminar-style working labs.

Social Events (FDSA Style)

In addition to all the formal learning, Camp is also an excellent place to meet and talk with other FDSA students! 

Our team will organize a few “official” camp events, but we encourage you to talk to other campers and meet up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your own outings!

Registration  levels

Working Spots - $425

Plus an estimated $25 Registration Program Service Fee.

Get personalized feedback directly from your favorite instructors… in person!

Working spots are for those people who want to bring and work a dog during camp. Working spots will be made available to FDSA students who have taken at least 10 classes with the school on Jan. 8, 2019; if spots are still available on Jan. 10, 2019, then they will open to students with 4 or more classes.

Qualified students will receive an invitation to notify you that you have qualified to register for a working spot.

Audit Spots - $270 (Early Bird Rate)

Plus an estimated $12 Registration Program Service Fee.

Learn from your favorite instructors in person — without the stress of managing your dog.

Audit spots are an excellent opportunity to learn without worrying about your dog or if you’re traveling a long distance to attend camp. Audit spots will be made available by invitation, with registration opening for FDSA students first.

Any additional spots remaining will open for general registration (including non-FDSA students) on Jan 14th, 2019.

Single-Day Registration - $120

Plus an estimated $10 Registration Program Service Fee.

Single-day Audit registrations will be available for purchase beginning March 1st, 2019 as part of general registration if space is still available.

Frequently  asked  Questions

How do the dog & handler working spots register and work?

All dog and handler working teams must pre-select their labs during registration. Teams will select and participate in one morning and one afternoon working lab each day. Handlers will audit the other sessions when they are not working a dog.

We strongly suggest that working spot registrants review all the lab selections before registration. Working spot selections have limited space, so options will decrease as spots fill. Additional lab spots may be available once general registration has filled.

How do audit registrations work?

All labs and lectures are open seating for people not working a dog. Audit registrations are not required to pre-select their sessions during registration.

Can I bring an extra dog?

Yes. There is limited crating room available for extra dogs for either working or audit spots. You must indicate this during your registration. The fee is $30 per dog for the entire camp.

This fee will be donated to help fund the FDSA scholarship programs. Please note this option is limited so register early before it sells out.

Is my dog suitable for this camp?

Only you can answer this question. Will your dog be comfortable and well-behaved in a moderately crowded space? While we have limited enrollments to avoid overcrowding, other dogs and people will be nearby. If you are working through uncontrolled reactivity or aggression, this is not a suitable environment. It’s not fair to your dog, and it’s not fair to other dogs who need to feel safe to perform at their best.

Your dog will likely need to spend a fair amount of time in a crate. The crating space will be a high-traffic area. Can your dog handle being crated for hours on end in a separate area without your presence and without making an excessive amount of noise? Barking and whining can be a huge problem. It is stressful for the other dogs crated near your dog, and it is highly disruptive to both speakers and participants. If your dog cannot settle quietly and comfortably in a crate for several hours, your dog is not a good candidate for this event.

This conference lasts three days. Is your dog mentally mature enough to work several times over a weekend? Even a highly seasoned dog is going to be taxed by this. Before enrolling, ask yourself if attending this conference with your dog is in their best interest.