2019 Training Camp Video, courtesy of Amy Johnson at Great Dane Photos.

FDSA Training Camp is an annual event, hosted by the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and dedicated to providing high-quality instruction for competitive dog sports using only the most current and progressive training methods.

It brings together over 300 dog sports enthusiasts to learn, play, and train. It is a traveling conference, making appearances across the US in various areas with a significant concentration of FDSA students.

FSDA Training Camp was  cancelled for 2020, 2021, and 2022. Camp was in Albany, Oregon on Oct. 6-8, 2023.

The next FDSA Training camp will return to Wilmington, Ohio on October 4-6, 2024.

Each year camp is three action packed days with your favorite FDSA Instructors training Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Freestyle, Rally-FrEe lectures, labs, and more!

Registration opens for FDSA students first, and then opens for the general public.

Photo Credit: Great Dane Photos.

A Big Thank You…

Special thanks to our camp organizers for all their hard work each year organizing Camp. There’s a ton of planning that goes into making an event like this possible, and without our team it wouldn’t happen.

Thanks to Denise Fenzi for sponsoring the event and for taking what arose as an idea in a facebook group and funding it so that it became a real live thing. Thanks to all of the instructors who mark it on their calendar often more than a year out, to ensure that they’ll be able to make it.

And thanks to all of the volunteers each year who come and work non-stop for 3 days to ensure all of our attendees and wonderful instructors are taken care of, from running back and forth fetching drinks to helping with registration — these folks are an invaluable part of each year’s event.

2018 Training Camp Video, courtesy of Amy Johnson at Great Dane Photos.

Interested in Sponsoring FDSA Training Camp or attending as a vendor?

Contact us at help@fenziacademy.com for rates and available opportunities.