Agility: Bar Knockers Anonymous

Saturday Oct 5

1:40 PM

Experience Level: Novice & Above

Calling all bar knockers! In this session, we will focus on common reasons that dogs knock bars — outside of standard jumping form. Distractions can play a huge part in bar knocking. Whether that be handling distractions, item distractions like other obstacles nearby, cones, or gambling tape, sound distractions, people nearby the ring, or even just handler motion — all of these distractions can make keeping those bars up tough. We’ll go through several different exercises to help strengthen your dog’s jumping focus and ability to keep those bars up in the face of whatever else is going on around them!

Presenter Bio

Bronagh Daly

Bronagh Daly is a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, Certified Family Dog Mediator, Certified One Mind Dogs Instructor, and a graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course. She does not believe in one-size-fits all solutions and prides herself in her creative thinking, always ready to tailor every training solution to each individual dog!

Bronagh has always loved animals, even traveling to South Africa on a conservation trip at 16 to help the brown hyenas who are marked as near threatened in the IUCN Red List. Unsnaring traps on reserves and learning all the ways to help the misunderstood hyenas, solidified to her that working with animals would be a huge part of her life. Shortly after, Bronagh was able to get her first dog, Stella, and three years later she started her training journey, competing in agility with Stella. Since then, Bronagh has gone on to compete with her border collies Razzle and Oz. It was working through Razzle’s stranger-directed reactivity and Oz’s generalized anxiety disorder-induced long list of complicated fears that jump started Bronagh’s interest in behavior work and most shaped Bronagh into the trainer she is today. She recently lost her heart dog Oz, who is her inspiration for everything she does. Bronagh has competed at top levels in USDAA and UKI. She has also competed abroad in Finland, earning third place. Both of her boys have successfully competed in UKI, AKC, and USDAA agility and found joy in what used to terrify them.

Overall, Bronagh’s main goal is always to help everyone foster the strongest possible relationship with their dogs.