Zen Bowl

Friday Oct 4

9:15 AM

Experience Level: All

The goal of this session is to introduce your dog to the idea that rewards can be out of your hands, out of your pocket, and at a distance!

To do this we will be working with what is referred to as a “Zen bowl”- a small dish or lid on which a single reward (or small handful of rewards) is placed. The dogs will get started on being able to focus on you or “work” and willingly leave their reward of food (or a toy) they know they can grab at any time!

Presenter Bio

Laura Waudby

Laura Waudby trains and competes in obedience, rally, and agility. Her passion for dog sports lies in the challenge of keeping training fun, while also maintaining precision! She is intrigued by how to keep that attitude, energy, and accuracy in trials. Laura is well known for her creative problem solving techniques.

Due to the special behavior needs of her first Toller, Vito, Laura developed a strong interest in learning how to create motivation and confidence in dogs that struggle to make it into the competition ring. Laura is dedicated to helping dogs reach their full potential and to letting others see the amazing dog we know they are!

Laura was halfway to her OTCH with her Novice A Corgi, Lance, before his unexpected early retirement. She also has numerous championship titles in agility with multiple dogs. Laura enjoys competing and is currently working on preparing 2 young dogs for their dog sport careers.