Building Ring Confidence for Obedience and Rally

Saturday Oct 5

11:00 AM

Experience Level: Novice & Above

Does your dog go from eager to work with perfect focus on you to suddenly being unable to do anything but sniff the ground the moment you step into a ring? Or maybe that was your last dog and you’ve vowed to fully prepare your current dog long before they ever will enter their first trial!

The goal of this session is to start teaching your dog the little pieces to expect at an obedience trial, and to teach you how to best support them!

We will discuss topics such as how to transition in the ring to the startline and in between exercises, how to handle delays in the ring, handling interactions with the judge, etc!

Teams who are nowhere near trial ready are encouraged to join us to set a solid foundation! And teams who have trialed and have found it didn’t quite go as expected are urged to start developing their plan now!

Prerequisite: The dog has a basic level of understanding heel position.

Presenter Bio

Laura Waudby

Laura Waudby trains and competes in obedience, rally, and agility. Her passion for dog sports lies in the challenge of keeping training fun, while also maintaining precision! She is intrigued by how to keep that attitude, energy, and accuracy in trials. Laura is well known for her creative problem solving techniques.

Due to the special behavior needs of her first Toller, Vito, Laura developed a strong interest in learning how to create motivation and confidence in dogs that struggle to make it into the competition ring. Laura is dedicated to helping dogs reach their full potential and to letting others see the amazing dog we know they are!

Laura was halfway to her OTCH with her Novice A Corgi, Lance, before his unexpected early retirement. She also has numerous championship titles in agility with multiple dogs. Laura enjoys competing and is currently working on preparing 2 young dogs for their dog sport careers.