Nose Work Games

Saturday Oct 5

9:00 AM

Experience Level: See Description

Why games? We are more relaxed with games and have more fun with our dog which helps us as the handler and our dog progress in our training. It is amazing to see the relaxed body language in games searches versus any other search. Games will also teach our dogs that odor can truly be anywhere. I am a firm believer that anything goes when searching for odor as you never know what you will encounter in a trial environment. Many times we encounter searches that do not run as planned due to the environment. This class can help us prepare for the unexpected. As the saying goes…train hard, trial easy! And in this class, the “train hard” is FUN!

Nose work games can put the fun back into your searches, add a new twist to what you are already doing or take you to the next level. Games can help you find and FIX holes in your training and have fun doing it. I love watching dogs play these games as it really brings out their personality and you can see how much joy they have with all the different setups.

We will have beginner to advanced level searches geared to each team as well as modifications to make team appropriate.

Games planned based on search area availability, subject to change: Chair games, a-maze me, socks, socks, socks, eggs, crack hide (inside/outside as appropriate), nose point accuracy, can ya find me now fan game.

Presenter Bio

Melissa Chandler

Melissa Chandler (she/her) is the owner of Dogs Rock! Nose Work Academy located in central Ohio and an instructor/faculty member at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. She has experience in many different dog sports and has been involved in competitive dog sports for over 40 years, starting in 4H and AKC Jr. Handling. She is passionate about the emotional well-being of her dog clients and how they feel before training or competition. She offers pattern games and start buttons in all her classes to help her clients read their dog and respond appropriately. Melissa avidly pursues continuing education and professional development to provide the most current information to her students and is sought after for her outside the box problem solving skills. Melissa is also a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner (specializing in EFT for animals) and Certified Holistic Pet Health Coach. Melissa is owned by her Weimaraner, Grit and her Vizslas, Bam! and Mojo. She enjoys competing in Nose Work and being in nature with her dogs which includes hiking, parkour and chilling out at their pond.