Play Problem Solving

Sunday Oct 6

11:00 AM

Experience Level: All

In this session, I’ll guide you through diagnosing and addressing any play-related challenges you’re facing. Through one-on-one interaction, we’ll work together to identify the root causes of these issues and develop personalized solutions. Whether it’s a lack of engagement, inappropriate behaviors, or communication barriers, I’ll provide tailored guidance to help you overcome these obstacles and foster a healthy, enjoyable play dynamic with your dog. Let the games begin!

Presenter Bio

Crystal Wing

With a passion for building strong bonds between dogs and their humans, Crystal Wing (BA, MAE) focuses on reinforcement experiences and reflective practices to build confident, happy teams. Crystal’s 21+ years as a teacher and coach translate seamlessly to dog training, fostering positive relationships and effective communication for both trainers and their canine partners. She believes that imagination is one of our most important training tools.

For the past 16 years, she has been dedicated to training dogs in various disciplines. She excels in protection sports, holding certifications as a GSDCA trial helper and Mondioring training decoy. Her competition experience includes titling multiple dogs in IGP and dock diving, as well as some mondioring, PSA, agility, weight pull, and rally. Crystal also earned a national certification for her Human Remains Detection K9 Rad-ish, through the American Rescue Dog Association.

Crystal is currently the Training Director for Evolution Working Dog Club in St. Louis, MO, and co-hosts the K9 Detection Collaborative podcast. She brings creativity and her expertise gained from instructing at K9Sensus Foundation and guest instructing at FDSA to create a fun and engaging learning environment for dog trainers and competitors.