FDSA Training Camp 2020

Chelsey Protulipac

Chelsey’s Bio and Sessions

about  Chelsey Protulipac

Chelsey is a successful dog sport competitor in variety of venues ranging from competitive obedience to French ring sport. She is passionate about finding practical solutions to training problems in both sports and life using smart applications of positive reinforcement.

Living in rural Northern Ontario, Chelsey used her geographic isolation to her benefit: while learning new sports she wasn’t influenced at all by “this is how we’ve always done it” perspectives that are embedded in many sport cultures. Each training challenge has been approached in the same way: what are the criteria, what are the cues, and what is going to motivate the dog to perform?

Chelsey’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Slice became the #1 toller in Canada in obedience in 2017 and earned many HITs and HICs along the way. In 2018 she became one of the few clicker trained dogs in Canada to earn the Master Obedience Trial Championship title. In addition to training obedience, Slice has also had success in rally, agility, nosework, and retriever tests.

With her Belgian Malinois, French Ring has been the main game, and Chelsey has trained and titled three malinois in this challenging sport and has achieved success on the national stage, with all three dogs earning a podium spot during their careers. 

2020  camp sessions

Day 3: Sunday

11:00AM – 12:40PM

Building Endurance – Lecture only

Experience Level: All 

You’ve taught some excellent dog sport skills and have mastered foundations such as engagement and even working through distractions. You are starting to think about how you will connect these concepts to build a strong performance that you will be excited to show off!  So, what do I mean by building endurance? We should think about endurance as durability: stable, resilient, robust, reliable. All characteristics we would want to use to describe our performance before we enter a competition. So how do we get there? We are going to discuss simple changes to the structure of your training – from planning to application – to make sure you are systematically and efficiently working towards this trajectory.