Sunday Afternoon Session Descriptions

Working teams will each choose one morning and one afternoon lab during registration.

1:40 – 3:30

Toy Play Lab with Denise Fenzi: Experience Level – All

This lab will help you develop excellent toy play with your dog. Denise will introduce both the mechanics and the qualities of the dog-human interaction that can make toy play either highly enjoyable for both parties or an absolute misery. Toy play is not simple!  It is fascinating and complex and subtle and, best of all, it can be learned! Whether your dog shows absolutely no interest in toys or is a rabid tugger who simply refuses to return to re-engage, Denise can improve your game.

Heeling Handler Choice Lab with Nancy Gagliardi Little: Experience Level – All

Working spots will work one-on-one with the instructor to improve their heeling skills.  

Connected Ring Transitions Lab with Amy Cook: Experience Level – All

Moving from exercise to exercise in the ring without deflating your dog’s energy and losing connection or ricocheting them up into the stratosphere can be a real challenge! This is your time to stay connected and move together while keeping your dog ready to work. From leash off to leash on, don’t know what your dog needs? Come learn your options!  

Agility Handler Choice Lab with Loretta Mueller: Experience Level – All

Join Loretta for some one-on-one time to work on whichever agility skill you need.  Please note that contact equipment will not be available for this lab.

Shape Shifters Lab with Deb Jones:  Experience Level – All

Shaping is an incredibly valuable and versatile training technique.  It can also be confusing and challenging for both trainer and dog.  In this session Deb will present her favorite approaches to shaping that sets the team up for early and frequent success.  We will talk about the best way to start a shaping session, the ideal length of a session, how to encourage your dog to be active in a session, how to encourage your dog to be creative, and how to use shaping combined with other techniques such as luring and targeting.  We will cover free shaping as well as more structured and directed shaping approaches.  Trainers will practice and improve their observational skills, timing, and rate of reinforcement.  All dogs are welcome in this session, from one who has never shaped before to one who is finishing up a complex behavior.  Bring plenty of small soft treats.  If you’d like to shape your dog to interact with a prop feel free to bring it along!  

Fabulous Fronts Lab with Julie Flanery: Experience Level – All

Have you been trying to get that fabulous front forever? A sitting “front” for obedience and a standing “center” for freestyle are deceivingly difficult to build and maintain with precision and accuracy. A mistake often made is training the sit and the front position in relation to the handler at the same time. Come learn fun games, exercises and reward strategies to build value and muscle memory in crafting fabulous fronts and spectacular centers!

3:50 – 5:30

Handler Choice Lab with Sara Brueske: Experience Level – All

Disc dog freestyle, tricks, distractions, obedience and secondary obedience for protection sports or whatever you would like!  Join Sara for some one-on-one time to work on whichever skill you need.

Cookie Slingers Anonymous: What Was THAT cookie For? Lab with Megan Foster: Experience Level – See Description

Dogs love their rewards & humans love handing them over! However, once we get into the competition ring, bye bye cookies! If your dog is struggling to give you high quality work for delayed reinforcement, this lab is for you! In this lab, Megan will walk students through introducing delayed reinforcement concepts to your dog’s work and increase the amount of work your dog can give before earning their reward. Suitable for any level/sport as long as the team has 3-5 well-known behaviors to use during working time.

From Here to There in the Trial Environment: Considerate Control Lab with Shade Whitesel: Experience Level – All 

Have a dog that pulls so hard to get from the car to the training facility that they are rearing up on their hind legs? Barking and screaming? Highly motivated dogs have “big feelings” about getting to the THING that they want to do, whether this is the diving dock, the tracking flag, the agility arena, the protection field, etc. The problem is all that wasted energy, the fighting between the handler and the dog to hold them back, and is that really the mindset we want them in when we reach the destination? Join Shade as she teaches you how to get “moving impulse control,” the elusive loose-leash walking, the non-sexy part of sports training. Bonus? This has applications for teaching pet people loose-leash walking as well, which is one of the most common skills for which correction tools are used.

Errorless Impulse Control Lab with Sarah Stremming: Experience Level – All

“Impulse control” is just a set of behaviors that make the handler’s life easier. Join Sarah to teach our dogs to wait for reinforcement with a positive reinforcement procedure, rather than a more traditional negative reinforcement procedure. 

Nosework – Blank Rooms Lab with Stacy Barnett: Experience Level – Intermediate/Advanced

Blank rooms are often one of the scariest aspects of moving up the levels for many teams.  In this lab we will learn how to confidently call blank rooms by reading what our dogs look like when they aren’t in the presence of odor. We will compare and contrast our dogs’ behavior when in odor and when in the presence of no odor.  Take on those blank rooms with confidence to call Finish! Dogs in working spots should already be introduced to odor.

5:40 – 6:00

General Closing Session with Denise Fenzi

Join us to hear Denise’s closing talk, where we’ll share Amy Johnson’s slideshow of pics from FDSA Training Camp 2020 and announce the date and location for FDSA Training Camp 2021!