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FDSA Mini Camps


About FDSA Mini Camps

In addition to our big, 3-day Camp held each year, FDSA students have begun to organize “Mini Camps.” These often involve 2 or more FDSA instructors presenting together over the course of a weekend. While not officially sponsored or organized by FDSA, we’ve listed those here so that FDSA students can easily find them and learn more about them!

If you have organized an FDSA Mini Camp, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

NorCal Meet Up

San Jose, CA.

Jun. 1, 2019


One day FDSA seminar/party/training event with workshops by Denise Fenzi, Julie Flanery and Amy Cook. Additionally there will be Nosework runs and the opportunity to try a Rally Free course. Potluck lunch and an opportunity to go out to dinner together afterword will provide the chance to hang out with fellow dog nerds. Registration opens March 1, and working spots will be limited.

Hosted by Lynn Ungar

Australia Mini Camp

Sydney, Australia

Jul. 3 – 8, 2019

 Leslie Eide of The Total Canine has your canine fitness including the foundation Building Blocks, Advanced Jumping Gymnastics, and Injury Prevention. Sarah Stremming of The Cognitive Canine teaches all you want to know about behavioral wellness and clean training practices including Worked Up 2.0 and Clarity Rules. One to One training may be available as well.

Hosted by Frankie Aston

Ohio Mini Camp

Cleveland, OH.

Aug. 17 – 18, 2019

Totally Focused Nosework! Join Stacy Barnett and Deb Jones for a weekend seminar focused on nosework. We will cover the topics of motivation, focus, and arousal as they apply to nosework training and trials. Plenty of opportunities for practice for those in working spots along with lectures & discussions of the concepts. Indoors, air conditioned, plenty of crating space.

Hosted by Deb Jones

TEAM Training Event

North Sandwidwich, NH.

Sept. 27 – 29, 2019

Fenzi TEAM Training Workshop on Saturday, Sept 28, with at least four FDSA Instructors teaching. Groups rotate through rings to work with each instructor in turn. Privates Friday and free Behavior Chat. Possibly TEAM Titling and privates on Sunday.

Hosted by Julie Daniels

Southeast Mini Camp

Rutherfordton, NC.

Nov. 15 – 17, 2019

Held at 4 Paws Kingdom

Enjoy food friends and training with Deb Jones and Stacy Barnett.  This is an outdoor event but the weather in NC is in the low 60’s in November and just perfect.  Subjects are still being determined.  Onsite cabins and RV spots are available each with fenced area for your personal dogs.

Working Spot $250. Audit Spot $100.

Hosted by Diana Boos

Washington Mini Camp

Lynden, WA.

Nov. 16 – 17, 2019

Amy Cook, Sarah Stremming, and Shade Whitesel. More details on topics & costs coming soon!

Hosted by Megan Foster

Colorado Mini Camp

Arvada, CO.

Nov. 30 – Dec 1, 2019

Amy Cook, Sarah Stremming, and Shade Whitesel. This is a training camp – not sport specific.

Hosted by Megan Foster

UK Mini Camp

Yeovil, Someret, UK

May 14 – 17, 2020

Sara Brueske and Kamal Fernandez will be teaching all 4 days. Lovely facilities, camping and other accommodation onsite.

Hosted by Lizzle Lang

Mini Camp Organizers

If you have organized a Mini Camp near you, please fill out the form below to have it added to our list! In order to be counted as a “mini camp,” events should feature training with FDSA instructors (2+ instructors) and be organized by FDSA Students; in order to be listed here, you should already have a location and dates chosen. 

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