FDSA Mini Camps


About FDSA Mini Camps

In addition to our big, 3-day Camp held each year, FDSA students have begun to organize “Mini Camps.” These often involve 2 or more FDSA instructors presenting together over the course of a weekend. While not officially sponsored or organized by FDSA, we’ve listed those here so that FDSA students can easily find them and learn more about them!

If you have organized an FDSA Mini Camp, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Breaking the Divide: Ring Sustainable Reinforcement for Agility

Sumner, WA

April 4, 2020

Sarah Stremming & Megan Foster team up to bring students an insightful workshop to discuss the gap that agility competitors experience between training and trialing. Lecture & discussion will include: ABCs, loopy training, transports, reinforcement strategies, handling errors, and myth-busting. Students will get to work with both Megan and Sarah on course, applying the skills and seeing the benefits immediately!

Hosted by Megan Foster


UK Mini Camp

Yeovil, Someret, UK

May 14 – 17, 2020

Sara Brueske and Kamal Fernandez will be teaching all 4 days. Lovely facilities, camping and other accommodation onsite.

Hosted by Lizzle Lang


Mini Camp Organizers

If you have organized a Mini Camp near you, please fill out the form below to have it added to our list! In order to be counted as a “mini camp,” events should feature training with FDSA instructors (2+ instructors) and be organized by FDSA Students; in order to be listed here, you should already have a location and dates chosen.¬†

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