Frequently  asked  Questions

Is there a camp hashtag? What can we share on social meda?

The camp hashtag is #fdsacamp and we’d love to have you post to social media both leading up to and during training camp.

Please be respectful of other students however, and don’t post video of them working their dogs without permission. We also ask that you do not post videos of the instructors lectures or videos with sound of instructors coaching working teams (even if its you and your dog). This is  to prevent advice from being taken out of context and applied inappropriately. 

What is your refund policy for working spots?

A refund will be issued if requested on or before August 1, 2023. Refunds and/or substitutions requested after August 1, 2023 up to and including September 15, 2023 will be conditional on a suitable replacement from the waiting list or an approved substitute registering for the same type of spot. Cancellations or approved substitutions are refunded in the full amount, less a 25% processing fee.

All requests must be done by email to No refunds or substitutions will be considered after September 15, 2023. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What is your refund policy for audit spots?

A refund will be issued if requested on or before September 15, 2023. Cancellations or approved substitutions are subject to a refund minus a $75 processing fee.

All requests must be done by email to  No refunds or substitutions will be considered after September 15, 2023.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

How do the dog & handler working spots register and work?

All dog and handler working teams must pre-select their labs during registration.  Teams will select and participate in one morning and one afternoon working lab each day. 

Handlers will audit the other sessions when they are not working a dog. We strongly suggest that working spot registrations review all the lab selections before registration.  Working spot selections are space limited so options will decrease as spots fill. Additional lab spots may be available once general registration has filled.

What is the recommended experience levels for working dogs?

Each session contains the required experience level for a working team.  

Novice is defined as having introductory experience with the topic. Example: Nosework and Agility – you would not take a working spot if your dog has never taken part in the sport or never taken a class.

How do audit registrations work?

All sessions are open seating for people not working a dog.  Audit registrations are not required to pre-select their sessions during registration.   

Can I bring an extra dog?

Yes, there is limited crating room available for extra dogs for either working or audit spots.  You must indicate this during your registration. The fee is $30 per dog for the entire camp. This fee will be donated to help fund the FDSA scholarship programs.  Please note this option is limited, so register early before it sells out.

Can I work more than one dog?

You may work separate dogs in separate labs but cannot split working time in a single lab.  If you need crating space, then you are subject to the extra dog fee as above.

Is my dog suitable for this camp?

Only you can answer this question. Will your dog be comfortable and well behaved in a moderately crowded space?  While we have limited enrollments to avoid excessive crowding, other dogs and people will be nearby.  If you are working through uncontrolled reactivity or aggression, this is not a suitable environment.  It’s not fair to your dog, and it’s not fair to other dogs who need to feel safe to perform their best.  

Your dog will likely need to spend a fair amount of time in a crate.  The crating space will be a high traffic area.  Can your dog handle being crated for hours on end in a separate area without your presence and without making excessive noise?  Barking and whining can be a huge problem.  It is stressful for the other dogs crated near your dog, and it is highly disruptive to both speakers and participants. If your dog cannot settle comfortably in a crate for several hours, your dog is not a good candidate for this event.  

This conference lasts three days. Is your dog mentally mature enough to work several times over a weekend?  Even a highly seasoned dog is going to be taxed by this.  Before enrolling, ask yourself if attending this conference with your dog is in their best interest. 

Where can I find more information about the venue?

Visit for more information about the facility and surrounding area.

Is lunch available?

Pre-purchased lunch options are available as part of registration. Please keep in mind that lunch is only one hour when deciding between purchasing lunch or opting to go elsewhere.

Meal options will be announced prior to registration.

Are RV spaces available?

Yes! To book an RV space or find more info, please visit the Lynn County Fairgrounds website:

What airports are located nearby?

International airport near Albany, OR

Domestic airports near Albany, OR

Local airports near Albany, OR

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What is your policy for bitches in season?

In-season female dogs are required to wear panties and will be crated in a separate area — run order may also be impacted. Females in heat may be asked to run last in each session. 

Please notify both the session steward/volunteer for each session when checking in, and notify as soon as possible, so separate crating can be provided. 

Can I earn continuing education credits (CEUs) by attending FDSA Training Camp?

CEUs are pending approval. We plan to apply for CEUS from IAABC and CCPDT. Details will be confirmed prior to registration.

Please bring your member number with you to camp if you are part of one of the above organizations and have it with you when you check in to pick up your badge.

Interested in Sponsoring FDSA Training Camp or attending as a vendor?

Contact us at for rates and available opportunities.