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FDSA Training Camp 2019

Heather Lawson

Heather’s Bio and Sessions

about  Heather Lawson

Heather Lawson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA) and also a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), a CGN Evaluator and Freestyle judge. She has been training dogs and their humans for more that 20 years after deciding that the corporate world just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Having had German Shepherds for most of her life she decided it was time to bring one into her family again. Mica was the one and took her on a journey never expected. With a dog people said would never “get in the ring,” Heather and Mica were able to achieve National standings of Top 10 Obedience Dog two years running and Top Obedience German Shepherd, 5 straight years. Mica was also one of the first GSDs to achieve the CKC Masters Obedience Trial Champion title.

You see, when you say “can’t” to Heather, it just means find another way that works for the dog and human. Provide patience, good communication along with positive reinforcement while you listen to the dog and you’ll have a way that can work for everyone. This is the focus that Heather used again with Luka, who achieved national standings, until her retirement. Heather continues to compete in obedience and rally with Tag (Luka’s son) and is currently prepping the newbie in the house, Piper, for her competition journey.

Heather is also the owner of dogWISE Training & Behaviour Center Inc., where she teaches group classes for companion pets, competitive obedience and rally in addition to providing behaviour consults and private lessons.

Heather’s website is

2019  camp sessions

Day 2: Saturday

9:00AM – 10:40AM ET

Lecture Room

Concept Training with Heather Lawson – LECTURE ONLY (No Working Teams)

Does your dog really know his left from his right? How about finding a matching object? Can he even count? You bet he can. If you’re interested in elevating your training game, introducing new ways to use foundation skills, or in finding a way to stretch your dog’s brain, then come join Heather on an adventure into the realm of Concept Training. You’ll be amazed at how your dogs can grasp what are seemingly, at least to us, the very difficult concepts of Matching To Sample, Modifier Cues; (understanding left/right, large/small), and even Counting (also known as Quantity Recognition). You’ll be amazed at how transferable skills learned through concept training can help you in other dog sports.