FDSA Training Camp 2020

Lori Stevens

Lori’s Bio and Sessions

about  Lori Stevens

Lori Stevens (CPBC, CPDT-KA, CCFT, SAMP) is a 2019 Clicker Expo faculty member and is the creator of the Balance Harness®. She is an animal behavior consultant, a professional dog trainer, a canine fitness trainer, an animal massage practitioner, and a senior Tellington TTouch® Training practitioner. She continually studies the interactions among animal behavior, movement, learning, fitness, and health. She uses intimidation-free, scientific, and innovative methods, in an educational environment, to improve the health, behavior, performance, and fitness of animals. Lori’s most recent of three DVDs By Tawzer Dog Videos is co-presented with Kathy Sdao and called ‘The Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs‘ — it focuses on improving the life of our aging dogs. Lori gives workshops worldwide and has a private practice in Seattle, WA.

Lori gets joy from helping others help their dogs whether for competition or daily life. She enjoys hiking, training, and playing with Cassie, her Australian shepherd.

See SeattleTTouch.com for more information.

2020  camp sessions

Day 1: Friday

11:00AM – 12:30PM

Fitness Foundations Lab

Experience Level: All 

Fitness is important for your dog’s health and doing fitness exercises with your dog is fun and enriching for both of you! These foundation exercises increase muscle strength and improve performance, confidence, flexibility, focus, body awareness, and balance. We will focus on getting foundation behaviors for fitness and learning how to observe posture and encourage proper alignment. You will also learn how to introduce canine fitness equipment.

Day 2: Saturday

11:00AM – 12:40PM

Progressing Your Dog’s Fitness and Conditioning Lab

Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced

You will learn how to progress fitness exercises safely and effectively. Topics and activities will include reinforcement strategy, position resets, getting and keeping proper alignment, and how to empower your dog during fitness training. Lori will coach working teams through hands-on exercises that will include assessing and improving your dog’s alignment and how and when to progress the exercises. Join Lori as she teaches you how to get your dog fit. Lori will also cover conditioning, which takes us beyond fitness exercises.