FDSA Training Camp 2020

Michele Pouliot

Michele’s Bio and Sessions

about  Michele Pouliot

Michele Pouliot has actively trained dogs since 1972. She has worked 42 years as a professional guide dog trainer and innovator for the largest guide dog school in North America. Before entering the guide dog field, she studied under Linda Tellington Jones and Wentworth Jones at The Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Center, working for them after graduating with honors. In 1972, Michele acquired her first dog, sparking her interest in dog training. 

Michele discovered clicker training in 2000 and has never looked back. Michele has been responsible for bringing science based clicker training to her school (Guide Dogs for the Blind) and promoting the adoption of positive reinforcement training internationally within the entire guide dog field. Michele actively assists and consults guide dog programs around the world in adopting positive reinforcement techniques for guide dog programs. 

Michele has successfully competed in horse and dog sports since 1970, having competed in Obedience, Agility and Canine Musical Freestyle. In 20 years of competitive obedience, Michele gained 3 OTCH titles on her dogs and numerous titles on client dogs of various breeds. 

Since 2006, Michele has been involved in the sport of canine musical freestyle. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of this artistic sport that combines the challenge of precision with trick behaviors and also challenges her creativity. Michele has won 5 international competitions and attained 10 Championship titles with three canine partners. In 2008, Michele made freestyle history in WCFO (World Canine Freestyle Organization) when she received the first perfect scores of double 10s for Technical and Artistic for a performance. Michele repeated this remarkable accomplishment with her celebrated Australian shepherd “Listo” an incredible 24 times. Currently, Michele is performing with her English springer spaniel “Déjà vu” (duel Grand Champion) and her younger Australian shepherd “Saké” who is now in the Championship division. 

Since 2007, Michele has been an admired member of Karen Pryor’s faculty for Clicker Expo conferences, teaching at all Expos in the USA and Europe. Michele’s enthusiasm in teaching effective clicker training is infectious and she has a remarkable amount of hands on experience (45+ years) to draw upon. Michele is sought after for seminars and workshops due to her clarity of instruction, incredible training skills, along with her entertaining presentation style.

2020  camp sessions

Day 2: Saturday

11:00AM – 12:40PM

Advanced Luring Lab

Experience Level: All 

When clicker training first began spreading throughout the dog training community, the idea of luring behavior was considered a “no-no.” It was felt that “true clicker trainers” never used lures. Presently, more trainers are realizing the power available in well applied lures. Effective lure use and an organized process for omitting the need for a lure can become a power tool for any dog trainer’s toolbox. Michele will demonstrate the skills involved for effective luring in a positive reinforcement program, including the advanced luring skills every dog should know.

Day 2: Saturday

4:00PM – 6:00PM

Advanced Platform Training Lab

Experience Level: See Description

You know all about platform training with pivot bowls, position platforms … But are you up-to-date on all the creative ways trainers are using them? Join Michele Pouliot to go beyond basic platform training. Competition dog sports challenge trainers to develop very precise behaviors in a variety of scenarios. Platforms can provide a communication tool that puts clarity in our training conversation with our dogs. This presentation assumes a basic knowledge of using raised platforms (both 2 paw and 4 paw platforms) for training foundation skills. Although some fundamentals information will be included, this lab will focus on more advanced and creative ways of applying the platform tool in training and problem solving.