FDSA Training Camp 2020

Nicole Wiebusch

Nicole’s Bio and Sessions

about  Nicole Wiebusch

Nicole Wiebusch started competing in dog sports as a teenager in the ’90s and quickly became addicted to the sport of obedience.  In 2001, she acquired a golden retriever named Tucker who taught her that traditional methods weren’t the best way to a happy, confident dog.  This realization started her on the journey to positive reinforcement training.  In 2008, Nicole started her own dog training business, Golden Paws Dog Training LLC, and teaches both pet owners and dog sports people dog-friendly training methods. 

She started taking classes with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy in 2013 and actively competes in a variety of performance events with her three golden retrievers.  Nicole’s golden retriever Toby UDX2 OM3 RAE was retired due to physical problems just 30 points shy of finishing his OTCH.  Her current competition dog Strive has earned her UD and is working on her UDX.  Toby and Strive both have multiple High in Trials in Obedience and High Combineds in both Obedience and Rally.  Nicole’s dogs also hold advanced Agility and Rally titles, as well as hunting, dock diving, and TEAM titles. 

In addition to operating Golden Paws Dog Training, Nicole is an instructor for FDSA and the Pet Professionals Program and a TEAM judge.  She has earned both the Obedience/Rally/Freestyle Trainer’s Certificate and the Sports Foundation Trainer’s Certificate from FDSA.  She is also a Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog evaluator, a Professional Member of the APDT, and is a field dog trainer for a service dog organization.

2020  camp sessions

Day 1: Friday

4:00PM – 6:00PM

Get Connected for Rally

Experience Level: Novice and Above

This lab will focus on navigating a course while staying connected to your dog.  You will have the opportunity to walk a mini-course, run through it with your dog, and receive immediate feedback.  You will then be able to complete the course a second time incorporating the feedback you received. You will be able to choose between a Novice course and an Excellent course.  You and your dog should be familiar with the Rally skills and signs but your skills do not need to be refined.

Day 3: Sunday

11:00AM – 12:40PM

Stays For All Occasions Lab

Experience Level: All

Stays are critical for dog sports, whether it’s an active stay like an agility start line or an obedience recall, or a relaxed stay while you set up training sessions or talk to your instructor.  During this lab, we will discuss both types of stays and how to teach them. We will cover adding duration, distractions, and distance and what to do if your dog makes a mistake. We will also discuss when and how to reduce reinforcement and how to teach your dog that the ultimate reward for staying is getting to work, which leads to reinforcement.