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FDSA Training Camp 2019

Sara Brueske

Sara’s Bio and Sessions

about  Sara Brueske

Sara Brueske has been training dogs for over 15 years, and has experienced a large variety of breeds and sports during that time. Having graduated as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in 2011, she jumped into the professional dog training world.

Sara believes in positive reinforcement not only for dogs, but for their handlers as well. Her biggest joy in training is watching a handler and dog become partners and grow as a team.

Currently, she is active in the sports of disc dog, agility, mondioring and dock diving as well as being a trick dog enthusiast. Sara and her dogs demonstrate the sports of disc, agility and dock diving in over 200 dog sport shows for the public each year at Purina Farms in Grey Summit, MO and they compete nationwide.

Having just recently re-entered the competition disc world, Sara and her dogs earned the titles of 2016 UpDog International Finals Champion and Southern National Disc Champion for 2016. Rescue is a huge part of Sara’s life, and she is continuously helping dogs in need by fostering and transporting rescue dogs, and conducting training consultations.

2019  camp sessions

Day 1: Friday

11:00AM – 12:30PM ET

Hall A

Tricks with Purpose Lab

Experience Level: All 

Tricks aren’t just for fun anymore! This lab will focus on training tricks that offer more than meets the eye. Each of the tricks taught is specifically picked for improving body awareness, developing critical thinking skills, or strengthening specific muscle groups. Sara will talk about looking deeper into behaviors traditionally taught for entertainment to see how they can help you reach your training goals. Join her and see what tricks are hidden up her sleeve; you won’t be disappointed!

Day 1: Friday

4:00PM – 6:00PM ET

Hall A

Foundations for All Sports Lab

Experience Level: All

This lab will cover the foundation behaviors that will help start your performance dog off on the right paw, regardless of the sport they are destined for. We will focus on teaching important training concepts that will create an operant dog that is fluent in training a variety of behaviors. Topics include training the concepts of the three different types of operant behaviors, session structure for offered focus; teaching body awareness; as well as introducing impulse control and duration.

Day 2: Saturday

9:00AM – 10:40AM ET

Hall B

Bombproof Behaviors Lab

Experience Level: All

Ready to conquer the real-world distractions with your dog? This lab will go over a step by step process for determining when a behavior is ready to be subjected to distraction, how to properly introduce different distractions, as well as what to do when your plan fails. The world is a crazy place; let’s make sure those trial behaviors are ready for it!

Day 3: Sunday

11:00AM – 12:40PM ET

Hall B

Disc Foundations Lab

Experience Level: All

Does your dog love toys? Let’s turn that toy drive into disc drive! This lab will focus on the foundation skills needed to compete in a disc dog competition. You will learn how to properly throw a disc, how to teach your dog to bring the disc back, as well as flat work for strategy games and freestyle. Come get your disc dog on and see what one of the fastest growing dog sports is all about!